Residential Locksmith Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

Your home is an important part of who you are. It’s where you cook meals, entertain friends and family, and dream away the night at the end of a busy day. That’s why we at All City Lock & Safe understand you want to keep your home safe from theft or intruders. Or, maybe you need a locksmith for a different reason. Maybe you had one of those oops moments where you broke your key or even locked yourself out of the house. No matter what the situation may be, we have you covered. Give us a call and experience the All City service quality difference.

Residential Locksmith Las Vegas

We’ve been in the locksmith industry for more than twenty years. And our customers agree that when it comes to finding a home locksmith, Las Vegas residents don’t need to look any further than All City Lock & Safe. Don’t trust your home to just anyone. Guarantee the highest quality locksmith services every time with us!

Residential Locksmith Services

There are a wide variety of reasons you might need to call a locksmith when it comes to your home. And luckily for you All City Lock & Safe covers all of it. Whether it be replacing a broken key or fixing a broken key jammed in a lock, our expertly trained technicians have seen it all. We can handle any project big or small so you can sit back and relax.

24 Hour Locksmith

We have worked as commercial locksmiths for decades and have created quite the prestigious reputation. Our commercial customers have put their trust in us. And you can do the same for our home locksmith services. We take extensive care in training our friendly technicians to work quickly and accurately. Our reputation for excellence is well known throughout Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. We are proud to be the customer’s choice for both “Home Locksmith” and “Business Locksmith”. 

Locksmith Near Me for house? Yes, that's us.

When you lock yourself out of your house, or your only key breaks, you don’t want to wait any longer than you have to to get back inside. That’s why we save you the hassle of searching “Residential Locksmith Near Me” and flipping through thousands of results. If you live in Las Vegas, Henderson, or the surrounding areas, keep us on speed dial!


If you turn on your television in the evening and watch the news, the chances are good you’ll see a story of a break in or home invasion. This seems to be happening more and more. And it’s not just your property and possessions on the line. It’s your peace of mind and sense of security in your own home. That’s why you should have a trusted, licensed locksmith install new, high quality locks in your home. Ask for their license and then call us. All City Lock & Safe is the most trusted security locksmith Las Vegas has to offer. Call us today to upgrade your locks to the strongest dead bolts and the highest quality materials to protect you, your family, and your home. You’ll be glad you did.


You leave your house, in a rush to get to work, and lock the door quickly behind you. As you reach your car, you realize you’ve left your wallet in your house. So you go back to the door only to find your house keys are not in your purse. You’ve locked them in the house and you’re now stranded outside. This is only one of the many reasons you may need a locksmith residential service. Broken keys, jammed locks, or even replacing old locks could mean you need a locksmith residential service and fast. So trust us to take care of any project you may have. We’ve trained for almost every scenario and have hands on experience performing every task imaginable. There’s no one better in the Las Vegas area to handle all your house locksmith services.


Any homeowner knows that a house comes with plenty of expenses. House upgrades, a broken clothes washer, a shattered window from some backyard baseball gone wrong. That’s why you want to save money whenever possible. But, at the same time, you don’t want to cut corners when it comes to your home’s locks and keys. Saving a few dollars now may not be worth it in the long run when a burglar breaks in or your key snaps again. But there’s a reason we’re the #1 locksmith in Las Vegas. We provide the friendliest service and the highest quality materials every time, while still working at the fraction of what our competitors will charge. We get the job done, but keep your money in your own wallet. Where it should be.


There’s nothing worse than having to stop your busy day because you’re waiting on a locksmith that takes ages to ever show up. You have things to do, places to be, and check list tasks to mark off. That is why All City Lock & Safe seeks to provide the fastest service possible every time without sacrificing quality of work. Your entire schedule shouldn’t be put on hold indefinitely because of a broken key or being locked out of your home. Call us and see why our customers agree we’re the quickest service every time. We make stressful situations a little easier because when you call us, you become a part of our family.


Are you ready to experience the All City Lock & Safe quality difference? Our customers from the past few decades of service agree that we’re the best home locksmith Las Vegas and Henderson have to offer and we’re ready to start working for you. We provide speedy, affordable, and friendly service, while never forgetting our focus on high quality. We’ve seen it all and we want to put our experience to use in helping you. Whether it be that you’ve locked yourself out of your home, or your key has snapped and lodged itself solidly in the door lock, we can get you back into your busy schedule in no time. And if you’re looking for peace of mind, we can upgrade your homes locks for added protection. Call today and you’ll never search “Locksmith Near Me for house” again.